Sunday, March 16, 2014

Newsletter: 54 Months

Dear Olivia,
Yes this newsletter is a week late and there may not be many new pictures to go with it BUT we are moved in our new house! And you seem to be loving it for the week we've been there at least! I think you're favorite part is that there are two girls about your age next door that you've already played with. We'd only been there for 3 days when you came running in one day saying "I'm going to Jazzbert's house!" I asked who that was thinking it was another imaginary friend but it was the neighbor girl you had just met and have yet to get her name right...Jasper. You were quick to make friends with her and her sister though and I look forward to seeing your relationship bloom!
You've also spent a lot of quality time on the front porch drawing with chalk and are always begging me to go out with you on the upstairs porch. You can't go up there alone because the railing isn't secure. We had a picnic one day out there and I said not to lean on the railing because it wasn't sturdy. You said "Ok" then a few minutes later said "I sure wish I knew what the word sturdy meant."
Opening up many of your toys that have been boxed up for 6 months has been fun. It's better than Christmas! You have been so good to play by yourself for long periods of time while I've unpacked the rest of our house this week. I love to hear the stories and imaginative play time you are having with your stuffed animals or dolls when I walk by your room.
 This month has definitely been one of those months that every time I look at you I think you've grown some more over night. You have been looking so much older and taller lately. Maybe it's those spring clothes we got out or the princess vitamins you love to take with your breakfast but it stabs my heart just a little when I see you making your own breakfast and being able to look into the kitchen drawers so easily now!
(Don't knock the breakfast choice!) Fiber is important at all ages and you know it!
We've applied for Pre-K this month and enrollment is next month. I can't believe it's time for that already and I think it's really confused you because now every day you ask me "Is it time to go to my new school yet? Am I in Pre-k?!" I told you we just had to sign up months in advance and you won't start until after summer but I know it doesn't make much sense to you. I'm glad you are so excited about it because I must say I'm still not thrilled about it!
Reading to you at bed time has been a challenge lately as you seem extra fidgety and preoccupied every time we sit down to read as a family. You have to get a kleenex or another bear, or you forgot something downstairs, or you need more water, or warmer socks or slippers. It's frustrating but I just keep on reading while you move about. I sometimes think you aren't listening but then you always surprise me by asking a question or commenting on something that happened in the book days later. One morning at breakfast a song was playing that had the word "salutations" in it. You piped up and said "Salutations is what Charlotte said to Wilbur the pig!" I couldn't believe you remembered that! It's nice to know you are listening I guess!
We made a trip to Tennessee this week and although we haven't been here long I'm already loving seeing you with your cousins. You are a bit older than them but you loved holding  MaryBelle during church tonight while she slept and you managed a photo with both her and Naomi tonight as well! I have no doubt you will be a great leader of all sorts of shenanigans when they are just a little bit older to play back with you!

The recent move and daylight savings time change have led to some late nights and late start to our mornings. I don't mind too much though. You usually come crawl in bed with me when you wake up dragging your blankie, an assortment of stuffed animals, and a book you want me to read you. Then after some snuggles you want me to "scratch then pinch your back" until we can't delay the day anymore and finally get out of bed for breakfast. I don't mind the lazy mornings or the snuggles as I know soon enough I'll have to set an alarm for you and somehow get us out the door for school by the time we are usually just waking up! It'll be here before we know it though so I'll take one more snuggle and one more book and one more moment to scratch then pinch your back! Love you!



Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl. I love you Olivia. Grandma

Shawn and Becky said...

She looks so tall!! Love the wonder woman outfit!

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