Friday, March 28, 2014

Southern Adventures

Celeste and I decided to pretend we have a PBS travel show where we tour random Southern towns. (Ok maybe that was just my idea and Celeste is used to playing along with my shenanigans) There will only be about 2 or 3 episodes a year but my family might stand in as co-hosts every so often. Here are the first 2 shows....
Episode 1: Corinth, MS is a small city about 45 minutes from our home town. We had a few hours to kill so we though we'd check it out. The quaint little tourist stop has lots of info with sites to see and places to shop.
We toured the town square on foot and found many clothing boutiques and antique stores to peruse. Then we stopped at Bourrum's for some food from the diner. 
I love stepping back in time.
We did not indulge in a slug burger although they are a favorite amongst Southerners. I love a good vintage diner, but they COULD update the outhouse. 
When you gotta go, you gotta go though!
We found a gorgeous church. The oldest church in Corinth (ca 1871)
And many cute homes and historic signs to read along our walk. 
Although there was a Civil War Interpretive Museum there...we decided to pass, since the South often interprets the results of that war a little differently than everyone else. It was time to head back to TN and pick up our kids so they could have a tour of the local park.

Episode 2: Pinson Mounds. Pinson is about 10 minutes from Henderson. I'd been here several times as a kid on various field trips and to the Archeofest to dance with Native Americans, but it had been at least a decade so it was time to return. We watched a lengthy video (that has not been redone since it's debut in the 80's) about the archaeological dig that was done on one of the mounds uncovering some skeletons, pottery, and Native jewelry. Although they aren't sure the significance of the mounds they believe some were used for dwellings, some for religious purposes, and some for burial sites or other important ceremonies. The museum is very small but houses some other Native American artifacts found in other TN sites.
 I personally found Wikipedia to be more informational about Pinson Mounds than the actual museum, so check it out for yourself! We climbed all the way to the top of Saul's Mound.
Saul's Mound, exiting the museum.
Selfie with Saul
My workout for the day
 Then back down to find the Boardwalk through the Cyprus Trees. 
While walking in the woods we just so happened to stumble upon my best bud Erin's mom! Story of a small town!
We had to text Erin to make her jealous. There's also a playground there if walking through the woods or discovering Native American landmarks isn't your thing....cough cough OLIVIA!
This concludes the first 2 episodes of Southern Adventures. Tune in for more when we are back in July!

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kmom said...

Thank you for the tourist info. I think Dad and I might like a day trip to Corinth, MS.

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