Monday, March 31, 2014

Tales of a Broken Arm Pinkalicious Princess

This weekend Liv stayed busy in a sugar coma at 2 different birthday parties, played outside with her 2 favorite neighbors, watched & read Frozen, and danced it up with Noah. They kept her mind off the arm and it became clear this broken arm thing isn't slowing her down one bit!
Today started out awesome as someone's princess sling arrived in the mail. And Haylie and Jace came to play before our trip to the doctor.
That doesn't look like my kid
Oh wait there she is.

I was a little nervous about her appointment (mainly worried she might be in pain while he examined or redid wrapping), but Liv wasn't nervous at all! They unwrapped her arm and took more x-rays. I thought her arm would still be hard to look at, but it looked pretty normal for the most part except for the bruising and swelling. The doctor came in and said she was already healing lots faster than he expected (a relief to hear since I lost count how many times she'd fallen on her broken arm this weekend) and her puncture wound was tiny enough and healed enough he thought we could go ahead and put the cast on today...hurray!  They let her choose the color and of course she chose pink.
The doctor answered lots of questions and was so great with Liv while he wrapped her arm. 
She was very still and seemed pretty fascinated with it. She will have to have it x-rayed in her cast next week and the week after and then on week 5 and after that I forget what was a lot of info, but I can ask again next week I guess!
It is a full arm cast, but she doesn't seem to mind. She doesn't have to wear the sling, but the cast gets heavy so she seems to be more comfortable with it. (And it's not near as scratchy for those next to her when it's on!) She has pajamas that fit over her cast but she has a new fondness for wearing mommy's t-shirts to bed.
She's a little nervous about school tomorrow, but I think she's looking forward to kids signing her cast! We celebrated her bravery at the Dr. by getting sno-cones tonight and going to the park. She found out she can still play on the playground and go down slides pretty well even with a bum arm! We did have to have a talk about even though she probably CAN climb ladders and jungle gyms with one arm right now she probably SHOULDN'T. So please pray for continued healing, but also that my daredevil will chose to be wise during this time of healing!


Heather Valee said...

I was wondering how it went! Thanks for posting! Love her sling!

kmom said...

So glad she is healing well. Great looking cast!

Anonymous said...

A pretty pink cast AND a princess sling. She is sooo stylish. Grandma will be praying hard. I love that girl.

Shawn and Becky said...

So brave . . . and that pink! Awesome.

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