Monday, March 24, 2014

You're the Only Ten-I-See...wink face

We got back Saturday night from our week in TN but now I'm back into the full swing of trying to make this house look more like a home so I'm behind on all the posts I have from our trip! Oh and I have lots: Mary Belle pics, Road trip with Celeste to MS, Mary Belle, Pinson Mounds, Liv and Madelynn, Horses attacking us, and did I mention Mary Belle? Because I'm pretty sure I could dedicate a week's long worth of posts to that pretty little lady. She steals my heart every time I see her! I think she steals some of Liv's too. Anyway here's an assortment of fun with the fam in good ole' TN....
These two SugarBoogers spent lots of quality time watching movies....specifically of the Frozen variety.
She loves to help Grammy bake/lick the spoon
Me and teeeeny Naomi!
It's like a tiny female Joe is sitting in my lap right?
It's pointless to say it, but Mary Belle was the center of attention a lot of the time!
Who could resist that adorable face!
We got lucky and got to spend time with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Brad who came down from Iowa to pick up their son at FHU for spring break.
And MB got to see another uncle with a similar hair-do.
We found Waldo a lot but Wilma and Wood were pretty difficult!
The stairs were a great play place.
And here are some funny shots I like to call "Disapproving Debbie"
While we were gone Ryan got started on the mile long "honey do" list that results from moving into a Fixer Upper: changing lights, hooking up the washer and dryer in the tiny closet space they are somehow occupying, fixing vents, crawling under the house to see how to connect things, making another attic access, raking, fixing leaks, seeing what's under the fireplace tile, etc. He accomplished so much.....too bad there's still so much left to do!! I'll try to post pics on the house progress soon!


Anonymous said...

Good times! Always love when you come visit. :) Disapproving Debbie shots are the best. ha


kmom said...

Hey!!! I was only possibly disapproving in the last picture. It looks like I was illustrating Mary Belle's pout, being surprised, and eating a sandwich! I'm being taken out of context!

Ryan and Katie said...

I love all your faces mom :)

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