Thursday, April 17, 2014

New York: Feel the Burn

It's gonna take awhile to edit the pictures from our awesome time in NY and I'm gonna have to break it down in to sections somehow. This section has the least amount of pics but was still sooo much fun! I have never been one to want to work out on vacation but we'd heard about some awesome classes that just aren't available in many other places, but I'm willing to bet they will be spreading out soon! Jenna was the motivator behind these classes and I'm glad we did them.

The first morning we were there we took the subway to Harlem to the Black River Dance Studio to try out a Vixen class. Despite the stripper girl like logo, we kept our clothes on. We heard it was similar to a Beyonce dance class, but I would say it's similar to any zumba or dance exercise class that I've been to...but maybe a little more sexified. No worries though, it's an all girl class. It was a lot of fun and I can't believe how many women were crammed into that tiny studio. The mirrors were shaking and the whole room was like a sauna about 10 minutes into it. My eyeballs were even sweating. Our teacher was awesome and although I think Erin thought we were crazy for dragging her along...we all had a good time! I'll be looking for the Vixen Army in OKC soon!
Strike a pose ladies!
Before class, on the train, after class...that's what I call a hot mess!
On Monday morning we headed to NoHo for a special type of spin class called Soul Cycle. Since this was my very first spin class I'm not sure how it's different from normal spin. But it did incorporate a lot of upper body workout while on the bike. And we did a few songs with weights. The lights were off and candles were glowing. The teacher was intense and yelled lots of things that made me laugh, but she was very nice to us first timers. I was a little scared to clip my shoes into those pedals but I'm glad I did once the class got started. I thought I would pass out after about 2 songs but once some songs came on that I could sing to I did much better. My favorite part was that the teacher could dim the lights by running her hand down the mirror behind her. She picked very dramatic times to raise and lower the lights. I was very proud that I made it through the whole class and might have to try a spin class in OKC now although Jenna says it will be a piece of cake compared to that!
We earned every bit of the 3 hour food tour we had later that day!
A workout class we did not sign up for was stair climbing, but I think Jenna will say that was the most intense part for her. We got a few pics of her complaining on the stairs in the subway and in Erin's apartment. But I think all of our thighs are in better shape because of it!
The last climb to Erin's 4th floor apartment. You can do it!
Jenna swears NY stairs are steeper than ones in OKC

Up next will be the sites of NY and the FOODS of Ny!! :)  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Walk ups in NYC! Aren't they fun. I seem to remember that D&G would have their groceries delivered so the delivery man would have to walk the stairs and not them. Momaka Gma

kmom said...

It is a wonder you could walk far after those exercise classes. No wonder Jenna had trouble with stairs. At first I envisioned spin classes as spinning around and wondered how that could be. Bikes spin.

Shawn and Becky said...

Those look pretty cool. Better to exercise on vacation with company!

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