Saturday, April 19, 2014

New York: The Food

We ate our way through the city and I captured my favorite foods along with restaurant decor. I love how much character they cram into those tiny spaces. (I really apologize for how many times I use the word "delicious" in this post. I should probably use a thesaurus but that's too much effort)

The Crooked Tree was probably my favorite place outside of the Greenwich Tour. The savory crepe was delicious but the sweet one was the best. Chocolate, bacon, and almonds....mmmmmm. I want another.
Chelsea Market had so many fun specialty places. You could taste test olive oils and fill a jar. Look at all these oils! And salts....who knew?! We did not eat here since we had other plans but maybe next time!
Eataly is a cool place with specialty foods for grocery shopping, but it also has several restaurants within the market. We chose to eat at Birreria, the rooftop restaurant. The weather was perfect but even if it's cold they have space heaters and a retractable roof for rainy days. Our food was good but I'm not gonna lie, the service was pretty terrible. 

Thai Terminal. I'm not a huge fan of Asian food. I have nothing against it, it's just that I never think "mmm I'm craving some Thai food right now." This was pretty delicious though and although it was huge, I managed to finish my plate. With a little help from my friends too. It was nice to all order different things so we could sample more platters that way!
Hummus Place. I like it when restaurant names are self explanatory. We definitely could have all split this sampler of all their hummuses? hummusi? hummuseseses? All four were pretty delicious and put a smile on Jenna's pita  face.
The Bean is a coffee shop in Erin's neighborhood that we stopped at for breakfast the day we left. Dogs are welcome here which was kind of weird...especially when one put its paws on the counter, but my smoothie and lemon poppyseed muffin were delicious!

Mexican brunch. I don't remember the name of this cute place but we stopped here after church and were thrilled to find out they served brunch...Sunday brunch is a staple for Jenna. Chips and salsa went great with my french toast!
Juniors is pretty famous and we stopped here in Times Square after the Fantasticks to try some Devil's food cheesecake and send Lulu a picture to make her jealous.
The Original Greenwich food tour was all of our favorite thing on the trip. Our tour guide was excellent...he's even pitching a show right now so maybe he'll be on TV one day....and the food wasn't just delicious, it was life changing. I'll never be able to look at balsamic vinegars and olive oils the same again. There is a difference! And I've tasted it, my eyes have been opened and if my checkbook allows it there will be a difference in our pantry....and there will be truffle salt. Have you tried it? It will change your life too! If we had done this tour the first day we would have easily signed on for other tours in different parts of the city for the other days. There's a central Greenwich tour and our guide said his favorite to lead is in Chinatown.
Our awesome tour guide Rahim
Rocco's. Guys, don't laugh, I didn't know that the inside of a cannoli was ricotta cheese. Did you? I thought it was some kind of whipped cream.
O & Co. is where we got schooled on oils. You can shop them online too. They are a larger company but only sell from mom and pop or small operations. You can taste everything here before you buy it. Pretty cool.
Murray's Cheese Shop is full of cheese. Go figure. I really don't get how there are so many different kinds, but we got to sample a few with some dried fruit. Delicious. And this sign made us laugh.
At Chef Rafele we had eggplant rollitini. If you go on this tour you can get a discounted 4 course meal prepared especially according to your food preferences. The chef will interview you and plan the meal around what you like. How cool is that...once again, kicking myself for not doing this tour on the first day!
Faicco's Italian Specialities had lots to offer but we got to sample the most delicious rice ball. It was ooey and gooey and cheesy and I'm not sure how I'll live if I never get to eat another one again.
At Joe's Pizza we learned that a good pizza only requires one ingredient for tomato sauce. San Marzano tomatoes and now I must look for them at my local grocer.

We also got to try meat balls at Pesce and cookies at Milk and Cookies Bakery
Seriously, next time you are in NY do this tour. It's a small group, only like 16. The price includes all the food you eat and you get coupons for discounts at all of the places later. So worth it. I will be doing this again one day. 


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the tour guide doesn't weigh 400 pounds. Sounds like fun. Mom aka Gma

Michelle said...

YUM!!! That looks like something I would enjoy, maybe if I ever get to go back to NYC I'll try it out!

Shawn and Becky said...

Yum!! If you every hear me say I'm going to NYC remind me to do the tour!

Alexis Webb said...

I really don't have plans to go out today because it's my off, but seeing your post makes me want to take the plunge into a full blown food trip. Hahaha! Anyway, the crepes look so delicious. I'm quite partial to them too because they're my favorite. Everything else looks good as well. I really think you had a wonderful time touring the city. Now, I'm off to prepare on my own. Thanks for sharing your gastronomic adventure! Cheers!

Alexis Webb @ 7 West Bistro

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