Friday, April 18, 2014

New York: The Sites

This was my fourth time in NYC and Jenna's second so we were more selective about which places we went to see. Erin was on spring break so she accompanied us on most of our journeys as well!

The Fantasticks We had a list of Broadway shows we would like to see, but we could never make it to the booth in time for Newsies or Matilda so we bought tickets to this off Broadway show based on a recommendation from someone on the street. (It's the longest running musical--42 years!) It's a really neat show in a really small theater and although I did take a short cat nap during one of the songs...whoops!!...I really did enjoy it! Cute story and great message!
Times Square We stopped by here to get our tickets and found Naked Cowboy. Right behind him was naked indian. Times Square gives me a bit of a panic attack so besides eating some cheesecake here and seeing a show, we stayed away!
The Memorial Fountains and Freedom Tower. While the museum won't be open for another month you could see the 9/11 memorial fountains that stand where the two towers were. The new Freedom Tower is 1776 feet....I assume you can guess why. (You would think this area would be super secure although recent base jumping and 14 year olds creeping up to the top floor make me think otherwise.)
East Village. Erin's neighborhood in Alphabet City is quiet and picturesque. We visited many restaurants and local shops. We loved to see what was going on daily at the park. My favorite was the elderly people doing some kind of tai chi with swords every morning.
I seriously need to see a video of how someone can paint graffiti like this down the side of a building. He was my fav.
Fun Fact: If you push REALLY hard on this black box, it spins!
Friendly graffiti
Erins' furry neighbors
Subway Tiles. My heart did a pitter patter to discover all the different fun tile themes in each of the subway stations. Maybe some are really old, maybe some are just made to look old, but I have a thing for mosaics and I took a lot of pictures of them! I'm already planning my next photo series for the next NY trip: subway feet!
Oh there's lots more but I won't bore you with subway's prob not as exciting to you

Greenwich Village Hands down my favorite part of our time there. We did a 3 hour food tour but that will be in another post. So much fun history in this little part of town and you really don't feel like you are in NYC when you are here! You can hear birds chirping and no traffic! Our tour guide provided lots of great details about houses that used to be stables and speakeasies. He pointed out famous historical homes including the most narrow house in America. Since this area used to be considered "the country" or a suburb of NYC all the original iron work on the front stoops have boot scrapers built in. You know I'm a sucker for old house details like that!
The narrowest house.
Look closely at what is covering the walls of this locksmith's cool!
A very rare wood home in NYC.
Central Park Sure we'd all been here before, but we stepped it up a notch with some geocaching!! That'll be in another post though. When we weren't looking at the compass and reading clues, we were watching street performers and musical unicorn trannies. Only in NY.

The New York Public Library. Sadly we arrived just after closing time so I did not get to run my hands over the thousands of books here....gotta save something for next time! I learned in the NY book I got Liv that 10,000 books are delivered here every WEEK!

Hillsong Jenna has special ties to this church as her former preacher from VA beach nows speaks at this congregation. He was not at the service we attended though. It's in the beautiful Manhattan center. Not the traditional type of worship service I'm used to attending but there was still a great message!

The Highline is a great urban renewal area that transformed an old railway line into a mile long park. We walked from the meatpacking district to Chelsea and enjoyed beautiful views of the water, the setting sun, and even the Statue of Liberty waaaay in the distance!
See the name of the store? Had to take a photo for Liv and her favorite cousin!
Chelsea Market So many fun shops and specialty food stores. I will put some of these pics in the food area but there were other stores there too. I bought Liv a NY souvenir book here. We met someone in the book store from Lizard Lick, TN! Which is very close to where Erin and I grew up. Such a small world!

The Camel I think most people know that when you live in NY you most likely have a small dwelling space and therefore must be very discerning about the items that take up your minimal living space. And that's an amazing reason why I love Erin and this camel. It's pretty large for a small apartment but he really does light up the place!
See him in the corner over there?

The Brooklyn Bridge. I'd seen it from afar several times but had never walked it. We took the subway to Brooklyn and then walked back into the city when it was dark so we could see the skyline lit up. Such a beautiful site. There were tons of locks on the bridge I think for lovebirds who had been here. Guess I'll need to bring one when Ryan and I return!
Up next....Foods of NY. Prepare to salivate.


kmom said...

Glad to see Erin's apartment and the area she lives in. I would like to see the subway tiles and Central Park. Thanks for the informative and interesting blog.

The Moores said...

I'm sure the Alice & Olivia store is way too classy to sell shirts with their name across the front, but how fun would that be.

Shawn and Becky said...

I love NYC . . . and that camel!

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