Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Newsletter: 55 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month was pretty boring....oh wait...just kidding because you BROKE YOUR ARM! And in a bad way too. Seeing you in pain was one of the hardest few hours of my life but you know what? You bounced back so quickly. It was almost ridiculous that people were visiting you and bringing you gifts because you were so totally fine and back to your daredevil ways before the "get well" cards were even arriving in the mail. You were carrying your dishes to the sink with one hand the next morning and were off Tylenol within 2 days. And now 3 weeks later you can dress yourself (including a shirt!) with one arm. I am glad you don't seem to mind it, but I sure wish you would stop jumping off such high places and balancing on precarious things until you have two good arms to catch yourself with!
When traveling in the car lately, a CD is a must for you. The most popular one of course has been the Frozen soundtrack. You belt out the Demi Lovato version of "Let It Go." You simply can't sing it softly. You YELL out the lyrics. Sometimes you even roll the window down and yell it at the cars beside us as if the message that song contains is the gospel truth and you feel the need to share it with the world! I admit, the song does have a great message so I enjoy belting it out with you...but I keep my window up!
While at Evan and Mia's house you somehow discovered these YouTube videos of toys. It's basically grown ups trying to sell various items so you will want to buy them. In the ER though they were a life saver and since then it's all you want to watch. I set a limit to one per day so each morning you come into my room and ask to cuddle and watch your one video, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes long. Your favorites are the play-doh eggs and Kinder eggs with toys on the inside. You like these videos so much your daddy suggested we just let you watch videos of other kids opening presents on Xmas instead of Santa coming. I think he's onto something!
Your greatest joy this month has definitely been the two little girls that live next door to us. At ages 4 and 6 they are the perfect playmates for you and I think they enjoy spending as much time with you as you do with them. Every day after school there is running between yards and knocking on doors and drawing with chalk on porches and notes in mailboxes and talking out the windows into backyards and over fence chatting. They even helped us rake the backyard one Saturday afternoon so I'm quite fond of them too!
The skill you are most trying to accomplish this month seems to be knock knock joke telling. The impatient cow joke has been your favorite but your delivery still needs some work. Maybe by the next newsletter you will have moved on to "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road Genre." You crack yourself up either way.
You seem to be growing right before my eyes many days. You are so tall and your newest spring and summer wardrobe just has nothing in it that makes me think of toddler days gone by. School enrollment time is here. I can't even believe it. I'm not talking about it yet. You make your own breakfasts and help me make your lunches most days. You make your bed and feed the dog...and sometimes give me sassy attitude far beyond your years about it too!
When I came back from my NY trip you wanted to spend much of the day cuddling with me. You struggled to get comfy as you are just so long now your legs and body won't fit in the space like they used to. We found a good spot though and chatted about what we did in each other's absences. I said that I missed cuddling you and you asked why I didn't cuddle with Erin. I said I don't usually cuddle with her and you said "But she's your best friend!" I asked if you ever cuddle your friends and you said "You are my best friend, mama! And we cuddle all the time!" and I breathed in the top of your head and held on to that moment a little longer.

Love you,


Kira said...

SO funny and sweet! Glad I revisited your blog today!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Liv is soo adorable! How cute!!

Anonymous said...

So precious. I love you sweet Olivia. Grandma

kmom said...

Super newsletter and blog. Very entertaining. Glad Olivia counts you as her best friend.

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