Monday, April 28, 2014

OETA Day at the State Capitol!

For those who don't live here OETA is our local PBS station. There were going to be many characters visiting the Capitol today from kids and adult programs alike. So naturally being the lovers of PBS that we are...we headed to the great dome.
Seriously where do they learn these poses?
Sherlock, Downton, Cat in the Hat, Super Why, and of course BJ Wexler were in attendance. I was kind of excited to meet the Movie Club man himself!
I should have invited him to go geocaching with us afterward
While waiting in line we got to enjoy the lovely rotunda views
I never knew portraits could photobomb too!
You rang?
Liv was a little miffed that Red and Princess Pea weren't there. 
Liv wasn't thrilled to be near the costumed characters unless mommy or Noah was by her side. It was a bit crowded but still a fun experience! Thanks OETA!


kmom said...

Now I get it. I thought the Movie Man worked at a movie theatre you had gone to when you posted that pic on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

What a great city you live in. Olivia is so brave to stand by those giants. Grandma loves ya sweet girl.

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