Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Phone Dump

Since getting a smart phone at Xmas and joining the 21st century, I decided to also be the last in the world to join the Instagram world. I take a lot more pics now with my phone and sometimes they don't always make it to ALL the social media ports so every now and then I will just dump them all on here and tell of our life's tales. (Obviously some are before the broken arm)
Liv and Ms. Lareeca taking a break to play cards while prepping the church garage sale
Liv's reaction to getting Cool Ranch Doritos
We made an easter egg tree!
A snippet of new dining room decor. I'll post more house pics later.
Liv is getting into the decorating. I keep finding little toys set up on the places I've been recently arranging. It's kinda cute.
Liv recently attended a birthday party that Elsa was at. I was not there but I was told Liv yelled out to her, "You don't need a man Elsa!" That would be beacuse she has watched this video 100 times.
After 2 yrs and 3 months of processing our daughter is almost an official Cherokee!
Love this sweet girl!! She is so sassy and makes the best faces!
I was the first to sign her cast...well right after she initialed her own "O" There's lots more signatures on it now!



Good to know about the Cherokee thing. I sent the girls stuff in Sept 2012..apparently I hava about a year left. =) Can't wait to see more house pics! Wish I could sign the cast!

Anonymous said...

Cherokee nation..Cherokee proud to proud to die...Sing with me.. I sure love all my little papooses. Wish I could sign that pretty pink cast. Love ya'll MomakaGma

The Moores said...

That's always my reaction to cool ranch doritos, too!

kmom said...

I'd like to sign the cast, but since she is scheduled to be well by the time I see her, maybe you will show us some pictures of the more decorated arm.

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