Sunday, April 06, 2014

The B's of Blogging

Usually if I'm not blogging it's because things are either A. Busy or B. Boring. In this instance it's busy. We had a wonderful weekend going to support our college girls in the Opera numbers at OC, doing TONS of yard work, a game night at the Baileys, finally getting our stove (and Ryan having to rewire things in order to install it), the Marked Conference, zumba, buying and installing curtains in our living room, planning for upcoming trips, and meeting with our young adults group at church. All were wonderful things and all deserve their own post, but it's probably not gonna happen right now so there is my blurb about our lives with no pics to accompany it! Now that our stove is in and curtains are up I feel hopeful I can take some pics of our house tomorrow and post them soon.

In other news, Liv's cast is filling up with signatures, she got in to John Rex Charter School, I'm leaving for NYC soon, the Easter party is fast approaching, and Leon's getting larger....Airplane! references anyone? That's all folks. Over and out.


KTsDad said...

Yea! for Liv and any "Airplane" comments are still enjoyed :-)

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy. Thanks for taking a minute to post anyway. I always enjoy it. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I'm ready to come see your house now that the appliances are in and running. I wish I didn't have to wait. I hope you continue to have the energy to do so many things. Thanks for keeping in touch. Love, Mom

Sommer said...

So exciting that Liv got into John Rex!

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