Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's Happenin?!

With my snazzy phone I got at Xmas I entered the 21st century, but with the joining of Instagram I almost feel like a cool kid. It is fast to upload and share pics that way, and it serves as a good reminder to look back over the week and see what I need to be posting here. 

This year our young families at church "adopted" college and our 2 girls were such a blessing. I feel like they got a little jipped as we weren't really settled when we adopted them. (attachment issues ensued....jk) But we still managed to have some fun together amid packing and moving! They both rocked their opera performances a few weeks ago at OC. We had dinner and roasted marshmallows during finals week and look forward to more fun next school year!
I never tire of seeing Liv sleep, especially with that cast in the air. I wonder if she'll still do this when it comes off? One thing is for sure, that left arm will not be the same color as the right. She has already got a golden tan from playing outside this week. I'm sure the lefty will catch up come pool time though!
The ducks at the Myriad Gardens enjoy a snack but the geese are just down right scary and aggressive. We managed to keep away from them this day. I feel like all the pics of my daughter are of her cast but they aren't....they are pics of my daughter I would normally take, her cast is just so loud, permanent, and hot pink that it always seems to be the focal point of all shots!
The wonderful arts festival was this week, but we all know that no one goes for the art. It's all about the food. We enjoyed Joey's pizza while listening to an elementary show choir on the lawn, then we sought out dessert. I chose a maple bacon cinnamon roll and Liv (never branching out far) chose an icee. Ryan chose to wait until he got home because Cadbury cream eggs are on sale and the Easter bunny rewarded him handsomely.
We got to attend Nicole's adorable baby shower this weekend. Liv and Audrey held hands the entire time they weren't eating or "helping" with the gifts. And by helping I mean Nicole let them unwrap pretty much all of her presents.
After we left Nicole texted to tell me that Audrey said "well now that Liv is gone, I guess there's no more fun to be had." ha! Love those sweet girly friendships and can't wait to add another newborn to the "playgroup" mix.
Speaking of playgroups....those days are numbered as we took a big step and enrolled in Pre-K last week. The school isn't even done being built but we are excited to see the progress as it goes up. There are many innovative programs and ideas they have planned for this new charter school and I'm excited to see it come to fruition....excited and also extremely unprepared to let them have my daughter from 8-4 five days a week! You can be praying for me starting now even though we are months away. Many of her friends made the lottery drawing too so she will have familiar faces there. We celebrated enrollment with home made popsicles on the upstairs deck.
And speaking of school, Danielle let me use her presale pass to go to the JBF sale with her on Saturday. I was thinking that I didn't NEED anything but then I uniforms. So I picked up some navy and khakki items for Liv.....and a few other things. This plastic palooza section always creeps me out. But I guess it's getting reused and recycled!
I don't think Liv fully understand that her fashionista items will be dwindled once school starts. I'm sure she can manage to find a way to spruce up a uniform though....perhaps with boots and one glove? She told me the glove was "in case she fell down." I thought the whole get up had a rather "trailer park flair" to it, but she rocks it.
In house news, I managed to get our closet pretty organized this week. This is the view from my blogging chair. My scarves make me smile. An organized closet makes me smile. Ryan has been painting the stair banister and researching ways to get rid of squirrels in the attic...that'll be another post too. 
We've been continuing on with lots of yard work. Still not really beautifying it with flowers or anything just cutting back trees limbs, vines, and continually raking, raking, raking, raking, raking. Soooo many pecans and leaves. We did get Liv's play area completed for the most part and I will post pics of that soon! These were taken a few weeks ago of all the limbs and bags of leaves. We've probably got twice as many now!
Looking bare but soooo much better! Sorry I have no "before pics" but all that brown part was bushes and weeds and leaves and vines.
Elle let Liv use a friend pass to come try out Soccer City one day last week. We've been considering letting Liv pick one sport or activity that she would like to try. She's been to gymnastics and tee ball and dance and ice skating in limited sessions, but after talking over the options she decided she really liked this place so we will try it out for a few weeks. When we left last week she said "well mom coach saaaaid 'See ya next week' so I gotta come back!" 
The class she will be attending is more of a skills class and not games and competing. Baby steps. She and Noah are already scheming to do gymnastics together next. Soccer you can do with a broken arm but we'll definitely have to wait on the uneven bars til the cast is off! And no I don't know when that will be. We have another appointment and xray next week so maybe soon!


Michelle said...

Well the apple pie burger had a thinly sliced cooked apple on it with probably some cinnamon & sugar cause it was sweet and so delicious on the burger! Every time I see Arts Festival pics I think oh I should go to that some year, I haven't been in ages. Maybe next year since I'm planning on running in the marathon we'll go after!

kmom said...

For a long time I've been thinking that soccer might be a great sport for Olivia. It has lots of running and she can kick a ball. Hope it goes well.

Shawn and Becky said...

Fun . . . and pre-k from 8-4 that's longer than our Kinder here! Crazy, but so excited she'll love it!

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