Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A lot has been going on over at the OKC Mom's Blog this month! I thought I'd share some things in case you haven't looked over there.
  • We are sharing birth stories during the month of May and mine is featured here. I know I've shared it on the blog before but I rewrote it with a 4.5 yr later perspective.
  • (Random fact: May also happens to be pre-eclampsia awareness month and my sister gave me a heads up on some research you can be involved in by visiting this website and taking a survey.) 
  • I also got to write about fun free Friday events in OKC. There's seriously something family friendly available every weekend, so you can never say you're bored!
  • And today my review of J Byrd fitness is available for your viewing pleasure...go on and look....it's me vs. a fitness model in my house of drying laundry. Riveting I tell ya! Luckily it wasn't a competition...because I think we all know I would've smoked her! ;)
  • OKCMB also hosted a Foodie Fair last week at VZD's for moms in the area. We got to sample some great food and other local goodies. 
I took this photo while I was hanging from the ceiling...or maybe I was just in the balcony.
Me with some of my fellow mom bloggers at the Foodie Fair!

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