Saturday, May 24, 2014

Beach Stop

We took a day trip to Galveston with Matt and Shanny while we were in Houston. It was a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it. We went to a different beach than last time and drove the car on the ferry.
the random speed limit for entrance on the ferry.
We got to see Dolphins swimming while on the boat! Liv thought it was pretty cool to hang outside the sun roof on the ferry. 
We got quite a stretch of beach all to ourselves and although there was lots of seaweed we had a good full day playing in the waves, building sand castles, digging deep holes, burying ourselves, picnicing and playing bocce ball.
mmmm seaweed.
The water was pretty shallow for a long way off
You can't tell because I cropped it but Shanny was photobombing these....
There she is!
We tried to dig to China but just ended up with a deep hole to put Liv in.
We did some geocaching when we left the beach, then ate at a restaurant in town. I wanted to go exploring in some of the big victorian old homes but it was too late so we decided to save it until next time! Always got to have something to do when we come back!! Thanks Matt and Shanny for being our tour guides!


kmom said...

Enjoyed seeing pictures of your beach fun.

Shannon said...

Well, sorry you didnt get a full shot without me in the back! Oh and as it turns out, the sand storm and biting flies was not something that normally occurs...just special for our trip apparently. Like I said, it will make Destin seem like Hawaii!! :)

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