Monday, May 05, 2014

Danielle's Shower

Some friends and I hosted a baby shower for Danielle and baby Shrock #3 at our house yesterday. (I like to host things right after I move into a house so I have motivation to unpack, get things in place, and make it all look pretty. And it worked!) I can't wait to meet their newest kiddo and see if my love for Todd can be matched by another Shrock boy....probably not, but we shall see! Elle's pulling for a girl but only time will tell.
I need to know this story, Annaleise....
I can't take credit for this diaper cake. I mean I made it, but the idea came from here and I just followed instructions step by step. It was pretty easy.

I meant to get a pic of the hostesses with Danielle but you know I always forget when I'm taking the pics! 

1 comment:

dshrock said...

Thank you for opening your home and throwing me a wonderful shower! It was great and I really appreciate everything that you and the other hostesses did! The diaper cake is so cute i can't bear to take it apart!

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