Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Stop: Pinon Palace

As much as it sucks for friends to move away, it sure is nice to have fun places and little vacations to see them! We got to see two on our trip to TX and our first stop was to the famous Pinon Palace. Which just got more fun with the addition of another friend: little Nate!
Just look at him!
Liv and Liz were fast friends once again and were ridiculously hard to keep straight with names so similar!
Silly pictures are much easier at this age than smiling ones!
They played play doh and ran around shrieking and held hands while geo-caching in the woods (we've recruited more people into the fold!) and even worked out together on the elliptical. Which was good so Sal, Ry, Jonathan and I could catch up and laugh until way too late in the evening. 
Before we headed to Houston we avoided poison ivy, but found a snake while geocaching in a park near their house. Then checked out Rosa's tortilla factory.
It was a short visit but I'm sure we'll be back...we gotta keep grooming Liz and Liv for future college roomates!

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Anonymous said...

Always good to catch up with friends. MomakaGma

Anonymous said...

Love this! Loved having you stay! ~Sally

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