Thursday, May 08, 2014

Geo-caching it up!

Geocache. The short story is it's a "treasure" hunt. You can download an app or use a website and thousands of people all over the world hide these little containers in random places and you follow the map, coordinates, and clues to find them. You sign the log book and leave a comment online, then put it back for others to find! Erin got Jenna and I started when we were in NY. We found 2 in Central Park. 
Getting closer....closer....closer....
My best "searching" face
We searched high and low
We interrupted youths hanging out on these rocks to find the cache
I stuck my arm up scary places in search of the treasure
Erin was getting a little ticked when we couldn't find it
And maybe a little sad that I found it before she did
But rejoicing soon came. on to the second cache!
A cleverly hidden bird container!
the excitement is building!!!
The third one stumped us but we found this little girl and her family from Alabama who were also looking for the geocache that we were! Our first geocache friend!
Our last morning together after breakfast we found one in the East village. This might have been my you see it??
The rectangle on the light pole LOOKS like it belongs but it's actually a magnet with the log inside.
So when we came back to OKC I thought Liv and I would enjoy going out to find some. There were 3 within walking distance of our house! One is actually right across the street from us. We picked the absolute windiest day to go. can you tell?
We had to get in the car just to keep from blowing away. Our first cache! In a cute butterfly container.
Then that weekend we introduced Ryan to it and found 3 more in the city. 
One was pretty difficult and required Spiderman type skills. You can tell he works out! :) Wait a sec...I do too but I can't do that.

Occasionally we even go with friends.
Signing the cache!
 And while we are hunting we bump into others looking for the same cache. We made a friend!

He was very nice and explained lots of vocab words to us newbies and even gave us our first trackable. Then he turned around while I put the cache back so he could find it. Some of the containers are teeeny tiny magnets that look like bolts. It's kind of hard to roll the log book back in such a teeny space!

Since then we've branched out even further and gone to some parks in the woods to find caches. We found a cool one on a pulley system up in a tree.

You can find bigger caches out in the woods than in the city!

 Yes I climbed through spider webs and hung from rafters under a bridge while trying not to fall in the water to get this cache!
When we went with Ryan we had to cross a beaver dam to get one!

You gotta be red dirt ready to hunt for these!

And he had to give a tree trunk a proctology exam
Anyway it's a fun little hobby to do with friends or family and there are geocaches EVERYWHERE. Don't believe me, just check out the website....there might be one in your hood! If you want to join us on a geocache adventure just let me know and I'll map out our next excursion!

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kmom said...

I might like to try it when I come visit. I had read about it before.

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