Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 9th Anniversary!

picture by Kristi Montague
I wrote this on facebook but I will also include it here that I am thankful for this man who has stood by my side for 9 years through ups and downs and all arounds. He works hard for his family and then comes home and works hard on my never ending "honey-do" lists. He never raises his voice to us in anger and patiently loves me and Olivia....and Charlie. Thank you Lord for sending him my way to balance my life and help me grow as we grow together. 

We took no recent pics, but we did celebrate with a family lunch date yesterday and one without the kiddo last night to West. It was very delicious. We plan to celebrate a little bigger with a night away in Oregon in a few weeks. I'm already looking forward to number 10. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to my sweet son and his lovely wife. Love you both very much.22668846

kmom said...

Sweet picture. Sweet couple.

Shawn and Becky said...

Happy 9 years. Oregon in a few weeks?!

Anonymous said...

Hey if you have time maybe we can get together too! But I understand if you're busy, and in a couple weeks I'll be busy myself with graduation! :D Let me know! Jessica Van Winkle

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