Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

My parents got to come up this weekend and see us and our new house. Mom said that it's cuter in person than in pictures so I guess all of you seeing it on the internet just need to come over! While it did rain for the majority of the weekend, we did manage to find some sunny time to go geocaching, antiquing for Liv's dresser, get snowcones, and do some yard work. They took Liv to see the Muppet Movie one night so we could work on her room and then go on a date ourselves. I heard she was NOT a fan and was pretty scared throughout the movie which is too bad because I still want to see it! Grammy and Liv came up with some wondrous play-doh creations too that I managed to not photograph. Liv and Poppa spent their mornings going to the donut shop and running all sorts of errands together. Our trip was cut a few hours short by the sewer fiasco and we were all a little bummed about that, but we will see them again when we go to TN in July! We love you Poppa and Grammy!
Liv introduced them to Pretty Pretty Princess within 5 minutes of arrival
Shimmers really is the best
Grammy's first geocache!
Enjoying Martin Nature Park
A lesson in skipping rocks
This photo just makes me laugh
Her feet barely touch the ground when Poppa's in town!
Ryan called it "dueling sewing machines"
We got to work on Liv's room! More pics to come!
Poppa humoring a 4 year old....
...and learning the hard way that it never stays on long!
A Sunday photo by Liv.


kmom said...

I'm glad I got to see the "new" house, enjoy Ryan's cooking, learn to geocache from leader Katie, and make playdoh creations with Olivia. Grammy

Shawn and Becky said...

Great Sunday photos! Grandparents are awesome!

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