Thursday, May 22, 2014

Second Stop: Granny Shanny's

In case you are new to the blog or have short term memory loss Shanny was the yin to my yang while at Mayfair, then her hubby got his Phd in some scientific field that ripped them from my life and drug them all over the U.S. until they finally landed in Houston. They've been up here a few times since our last visit and I'm happy to say Shanny is now one of Liv's favoritest people on earth. 
And why wouldn't she be? She did crafts with real crafts....she taught her how to felt, she taught me how to felt! 
And not only that she has a play area for kids in the coolest you see it?
No? Just move the coats out of the way and there is a secret hidey hole under the stairs full of toys! 
Liv was in heaven. Shanny breaks the mold.
Monica humoring Liv's requests.
Charlie and Lucy were best buds but they seem to have forgotten that and didn't care for each other too much while we were there. It broke my heart a little but we did get one shot of them being semi-cordial.
Liv didn't mind taking Charlie's place.
Besides being the craftiest person on earth Shanny has also excelled at gardening and birding. I enjoyed many a songbird spotting from her hammock and she has started me on the path to grannyhood by sending me home with succulents and home made bird feeders made out of thrifted china. 
Look at their beautiful backyard.
The weather in Houston was simply amazing when we were there. We dined al fresco every meal in the gazebo while watching birds munch on meal worms beside us. 
I kid you not....they did not pose for this photo...they are really bird watching.
I think I need a hammock in my life.

 They happen to live right in front of a green belt area so there was lots of exploring to do...and of course geocaching. 
They were already old pros at it so we got to see some they'd already found and find some new ones. The dogs joined us too!
Liv enjoyed the wild blackberries on the path.
We found these awesome HUMONGOUS mussels behind their house. When we got home we looked them up and apparently freshwater mussels like this are an endangered species. So we called 911. No we didn't. But what should you do if you find an endangered species in your back yard?!
I like Matt's disgusted face.

 Up Next our trip to Galveston!

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Shannon said...

Oh I am so glad your a better blogger than me. And I'm glad you got pics bc I didnt get many at all. We really enjoyed having you all here and look forward to seeing you in OKC soon. Thanks also for putting that link to the post about the dogs. I haven't read that since you posted originally. Made me sad that they forgot each other too :(

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