Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Cast is Off!!!

After six weeks of that bright pink obnoxious extra member of the family, we happily bid farewell to it today at the Dr's office!
She always smiled for xrays like it was a picture but this time she made a silly face.
 No I did not save the cast. Yes her left arm is lighter and smaller than her right. And surprisingly you can still see the small puncture wound. 
I think the saw tickled some
Liv and I watched a video before we went so she would understand how they saw the cast off and be aware of the loud noise and she did great. The nurse accidentally nicked her knuckle with the scissors though so she has a little wound on her hand from that but it didn't hurt her.
Liv acted very subdued  as soon as it was off. Her arm felt funny and she couldn't move it like she thought she'd be able to so I think it frightened her a little but the Dr. assured us that with time her motion and strength will return. We go back in 6 weeks for a check up.

We headed to soccer right after the appointment and that helped keep her mind off of the funny feeling.
You can see her tan already. I'm sure the left arm will catch up soon!
Please pray that she will grow strong and refrain from further injury throughout the next weeks of healing time. She already fell on it pretty hard tonight at church and I just cringe when I see her jumping from anything or tripping as she still can't catch herself real well yet. She's enjoying her first bath in a loooong time right now. We are ready for the pools, rain, sprinklers, to come!


Michelle said...

That's great it came off before swimming season is in full swing!!

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Two is you're limit Olivia. No more breaks. I love you. Gma

kmom said...

When I viewed the picture on Facebook, I wondered how she smiled through the sawing and didn't go into hysterics. Great idea to preview a video!

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