Friday, May 30, 2014

There's a Hole in My Yard....Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Oh tree roots, you are the nemesis of modern plumbing. We only had to be without the use of our water and sewage for 2.5 days. The human waste under my house is in the process of drying out...ew. And the huge hole in my backyard is awaiting a city inspection so it can be filled by the tractor beside it. Any little boys fascinated with construction equipment want to play at my house? I'm contemplating selling it on Craigslist for the amount this plumbing fiasco cost us and then just acting like "oh you guys left a tractor here? I don't remember seeing one? Weird?!" when they come back in a few days. Think it'll work?
Glad we haven't started any landscape projects!
The plumber said there'd be a really green spot in the yard where he dumped the pipe contents out.....ew, ew, ew.
Remember you JUST got a cast off Liv, let's try not to break anymore limbs by falling in a poo filled crevasse.

 P.S. I'm sure there is a better term for it than "tractor" but my husband is asleep and my nephews are too far away to ask if this is a back hoe or front loader or crane or plow or digger....I dunno where that Golden Book of Olivia's is but it would come in handy now.


kmom said...

Did the iris Dad planted get dug up? Did part of your fence have to be torn down to get the machine in? Was the pipe taken out made of something like clay? I think tree roots can not grow through the type of pipe you have now. Did the other end of the pipe get cleanout? Does Ryan have to clean up the mess under the house? Hope you never have this problem again!

Anonymous said...

Nolan just walked through the room and saw the picture and he says its a backhoe. Sometimes don't you wish you were renting so you could just call the landlord about problems like this. Love yall MomakaGma

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes i dug them up before this occurred. Just a section of fence but it'll go back easily. I think it was a metal pipe. Yes they cleaned out the pipe. Yes Ryan has to clean under the house....all he has to do is put out lime and wait for it to dry out.

Shawn and Becky said...

Only with out plumbing for 2.5 days? That's a loooong time! So glad it's fixed and sorry for the fiasco. My boys would pay to watch the 'digger' as we call them, in the backyard - all. day. long.

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