Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review

Plum Lucky was an audio book available in our free neighborhood library. I've always seen these Evanovich novels and have never read one so I thought why not listen to one? I wasn't a fan. I give it a 3. It was a pretty ridiculous story line that involved gangsters and a little man thinking he's a leprechaun....I assume so they could release this around March 17? It's always a gamble with audio books because if I don't like a book it's hard to tell if it's greatly affected by the person reading it to me. Her voice was kind of annoying but I did like that she did different voices for the characters. The voices weren't enough to save it though so I'll probably steer clear of them....unless I need a new audio book to listen to while I work and it's the only one available at the free little library!

10th anniversary was another audio one I swapped Plum Lucky for. I thought my dad would be proud of me as I've seen him read about 100 James Patterson books in my life. I actually did like this little crime drama that had 3 different storylines going on...and I liked the readers voice, but it also made me laugh that they broke it down into like 123 chapters. The title seemed weird to me but it's probably in a number series or something...why do all crime books have to be in series? I assume it's a marketing thing but in the words of one of my art professors "It's contrived and formulaic" Anyway I give it a 7.

Daring Greatly. I know I just read it a few months ago but it was picked for book club and I loved it so much I wanted to read it again. This time I put sticky notes throughout for discussion but I really could discuss every page. It's still a 10. And I still want to memorize everything on shame and vulnerability and quote it throughout my day. Just read it already!

Chapter Books We've Been Reading to Liv:
Little House in the Big Woods was a really fascinating one for Liv. She learned lots of things about the pioneer days and had lots of questions about corsets, hunting, wheat threshers and such. I think she felt at one with Laura for also having a trundle bed. I think we will be reading more in this series and then maybe I will let her watch the show if I can find it on DVD or the internet.

I've been reading Gone with the Wind for months now and it is so very good and I'm so close to being done. I don't think you have any idea how huge this books is (Hence the reason this post is short and mostly audio books.) I thought the Fountainhead was long but this one might win. I hope to finish it at the Beach and I took some others with me that I hope to devour. What are you reading?

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Anonymous said...

I've read Plum Lucky, 10th Anniversary and Little House In The Big Woods. I agree with you about Evanovich. I didn't care for her either. I'm reading Songs Of Willow Frost on audio and What Once Was Lost. Both are good. Hope you get to finish your book on the beach. Have fun. MomakaGma

Becky W said...

We LOVE Little House in the Big Woods! We even had a Little House birthday party! Disney did a mini series a few years ago that is a lot like the books - more so the second book - Little House on the Prairie. There are also picture books that go right along with different chapters of these books. They are great as well! I am reading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to the kids right now. They like it more than I thought they would!

Anonymous said...

We have been reading Black Beauty to Hannah. I forgot all about Little House. Thanks for reminding me!! Our next story is Anne of Green Gables. -April B.

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