Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun with Family

Our Oregon pictures have come to an end and my daughter is finally returning to normal as we finish our detox week...just in time to head to the lake and then to Florida and screw it all up again! Anyway here are some more memories and fun times we had while we were at Grandma and Grandpa's!
Coffee Break at Gigi's with Boston and Paisley
Bubble Time at Gigi's
No wonder Grandma is so awesome, she lets us put Barbies with hair in the water!
All that laughing wore them out.....
Sleeping soundly in princess jammies with princess blankets
Playing name that Disney Character
This game takes deep concentration
Up to her normal daredevil atrocities
Mona had a fun game for the kids to try out all the parks (7?) in Newberg and then rate them. This one with the huge slide ranked at the top!
This monstrosity scared me a bit though. Like something out of American Gladiator.
Ryan demonstrating his stripper pole moves
Water gun time
Grandpa has won my daughter over as a MASH lover and Bugs Bunny quoter....Which way did he go George, which way did he go?
Another good activity to test that broken arm
Grandma even joined in!
I love this picture of George hugging Auntie Jo (whose name is really Naomi which is just confusing)
Manly Manly Ladder ball
The kids writing their notes to great grandpa
folding up her masterpiece
I worried as my nieces and nephews got older how I could still be the "cool aunt." Simple answer....geocaching!
Ryan laughed when he saw this and said "they are as tall as you." Ah yes....but I have so much to teach them in the ways of the geocaching world!
Signing the log
Searched for awhile but found it!!
Those grandparents are so happy they are about to burst....
....into silly faces
Having fun in the way way back
You guys might think it's cruel that I took these or dared to post them but I felt it necessary so you wouldn't think I was exaggerating about her tears and tantrums the entire way home. Those are real tears on her cheek and they fell for hours. I felt sorry for her for awhile but then it just got a bit old.
Then she crashed and woke up crying some more.....
It's easy to see why though. She misses her cousins and grandparents! Guess we will have to return sometime soon!! Love you and miss you all!


Shannon said...

Awww, her tears ...that's funny and sad all at the same time :) :(

kmom said...

Newberg must be big since it has 7 parks with playgrounds. So much fun, especially since cousins were there.

Anonymous said...

Newberg is about 22,000 people and we there are actually 13 parks with playgrounds and we hit 11 while the kids were here. It really was fun. Thanks for all the pictures so I could relive it all. I miss you all very much but I'm glad Olivia is getting better. And Im thankful we sent Olivia home in piece this time. Love ya MomakaGma


We love and miss you too! It sure a wonderful time when all of us are together! Love all the Oregon posts. One day maybe Olivia will miss the Aunts like she misses the grandparents and cousins...Don't worry I'm not holding my breath. =)

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