Monday, June 23, 2014

Getting Our Base Tans at Eufala

This weekend we headed to lake Eufala with the Schatzels. We had fun in the sun, on the boat, in the water, on the porch, and Liv finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of going fishing. But most importantly Lo and I got caught up on all the chatting we needed to! 
Get ready now for a bunch of shots of these 3 buddies in life jackets!
trusty navigators at the helm
That stinking Genevieve is too cute!
The only safe way to enjoy a whale ride after seeing the documentary Blackfish
I think they are both glaring at me
Didn't notice Charlie photobombing until it was too late. Liv looks ashamed!
Construction of a smore
Destruction of a smore
We even managed to squeeze Ryan on that front seat too
Hang on tight kids!
Me and sweet GG
Look out Liv!! Shamu is behind you!
Charlie had so much fun! We wore her out playing fetch so much that she fell asleep on the sand and let us bury her. I'm not kidding. Sadly I got no pic of it but it was hilarious.
Wait a sec...that boat isn't in water?!
Lake Eufala's cutest nudest
Can you tell it's sunny?
Liv's took fishing very seriously
She didn't catch anything but Ben did!
History has been made. Ryan took a selfie with a bunch of kids. 
I love this view!
 And now our base tans are in place for our beach trip to Destin. Thanks Schatzels for an awesome weekend! I really didn't plan to be gone every weekend this summer but it turns out that's just about what's going to happen. Oh well, the house projects can wait, we have summer family fun awaiting!


kmom said...

That whale looks like fun. What a great weekend!

Shawn and Becky said...

Ryan's selfie is awesome . . . he sort of looks like he might not know whats about to happen. I hear an old man voice saying 'what does this button do?' :) I made Shawn take one of him and Cameron a few weeks ago . . . but he had the same sort of face.

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