Friday, June 13, 2014

Herbie's House

We'll start off small since I don't have much time to upload pics tonight, but while in Oregon we finally toured the boyhood home that Herbert Hoover lived in for a few years with his aunt and uncle after his parents passed away. We pass this house all the time when we are in Newberg and it was high time we paid it a visit. It's within walking distance from Gma and Gpa's home (and there's a geocache right behind it!)
A few pieces of furniture on the inside were original but most were just true to the time period. We had a nice tour guide who showed us around and answered all my questions, but my favorite part was this wreath. Can you guess what it's made of?
Human hair. Except for the white hair. That belonged to the lady's beloved pet horse. You should've seen Liv's face when the lady explained that people made these to remember people by when they died since they didn't have cameras and photographs back then. If I hadn't known better I would've thought they were pipe cleaners.

Status Update Day 2: Liv had a pretty fun day with friends but at bedtime she remembered she missed grandma and cried for about an hour and lamented that she was too scared to sleep in her room by herself and she was lonely without grandma.


Anonymous said...

Grandma's bedroom floor is always available. Come on over. Love ya, MomakaGma

kmom said...

Maybe Liv just needs to catch up on lots of sleep. She seems to cry easier if she is tired. Just be glad she had a wonderful time.

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