Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Whoa! Did anybody else do a double take when they noticed the calendar is now in June....what happened to May? The year is like half way over so I thought I'd revisit my goals I set from the beginning of the year.

  • Try a new class at the gym---well I tried two in NY: Soul Cycle and Vixen Dance but I still need to try one at my local gym. So this one is a half check mark. And new zumba teachers don't count as a new class.
  • Travel to a state I've never been to---this has not happened yet and I'm not sure when we will cram that in as our summer is almost full! Maybe in the fall? Or maybe it will have to roll over and I will allow myself to count new cities, but that's kind of cheating.
  • Get into a permanent house---Check! And a hallelujah check mark beside the first check mark. Even with expensive plumbing issues and musty smells and never-ending questionable future expansion and landscaping plans, I'm so glad we are in this house.
  • Set goals for myself throughout the year for various things---I have done this some but I should probably write them down (or blog them) so they seem more concrete and I can see where I'm succeeding or lacking. Most things have had to do with the house but I have been trying to set some personal ones too and I think our young ladies Bible study this summer will also help motivate me to do this. 
How are you doing on your resolutions or goals for 2014? 


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Idaho? That could be the "new" state you go to for Christmas. Can't wait for you to join us at the madhouse (aka Grandmas house that is full of grandkids). love, Mom

Ryan and Katie said...

Idaho! That's it! I knew I had a state in mind and I forgot about Xmas!

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