Thursday, June 26, 2014

Living Out of Suitcases

  • Here are the goings on as of late since I've been MIA, I'm working on some other posts but I just can't seem to get them finished.
  • I've unpacked, done laundry, and pretty much repacked our stuff and added a bit more for the next trip. 
  • It's hard to grocery shop when you're only gonna be home for a few days....what am I saying, it's hard for me to grocery shop or meal plan any time! 
  • Ryan is working late every night this week so he can get his work done before we leave.
  • I had book club at Park House the other night. Book club = good. Restaurant = meh.
  • Liv had her last orthopedic Dr. appt yesterday and her arm looks great (which is great because she's trying her hardest to break it again by climbing in the door frames of the house...she especially likes to climb the one by the upstairs stair opening....awesome)
  • I had a rheumatology appointment the other day and am feeling the best I have in awhile. 
  • Ryan came home from work at 7:45pm and immediately spent the next hour installing the ceiling fan I bought Liv. He needs a vacation...good thing we have one planned!
  • I rearranged my calendar a little so I will actually be home one weekend in July
  • The others will be in Destin, Branson, Henderson, and Nashville. But I bet there are geocaches in all those places!
  • Liv decided she hates geocaching because walking is involved....what?! Then she said just walking in the woods, so maybe she will snorkel to some underwater treasures in Destin with us
  • We aren't going to be home enough to sign her up for gymnastics right now but she sort of lamented when she saw her friends in soccer uniforms at church yesterday. I reminded her she didn't want to play anymore, but I think she thought ALL of soccer would end if she didn't play. 
  • I keep trying to do a post on Liv's finished room that we did a month ago, but we keep doing house projects that make it messy and right now it's covered in a fine layer of dust from sanding and painting the trim....and we aren't done yet so I see no point in cleaning it up really.
  • Instead of sharing pics of her room, I'll share pics of the messy house we are currently in.
  • I do see the floor but I also see laundry, stuff from the lake that I still haven't unpacked and stuff I'm currently packing. Sometimes having a big bedroom just means it becomes the best/worst catch all.
    My night stand clutter has overtaken my computer tray that Liv likes to call my desk.
    Even my little photobomber is starting to look a little messy!
    The upstairs painting corner.
    My gnat infested kitchen. I would blame the full sink of dirty dishes but they still hang around when it's all clean. Such is summer life in Oklahoma. I did make some vinegar traps but they seem to not be working as well this year.


Tarren and Erin said...

Looks like you have been busy. We have had a lot of gnats this year too. I put out the vinegar traps too but try this (after you clean out your sink :) ) put some baking soda and vinegar in the drains and let is sit for a couple of hours. That is supposed to help kill the knat eggs that they lay in the drains. It has helped at our house. Also take out the trash every day. They lay eggs in there too.

Shawn and Becky said...

Wow that is busy. But since it's summer sometimes it just feels okay. We did apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap for gnats . . . seems to work most of the time.

kmom said...

Climbing door frames? Who taught her that? It should be outlawed!

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