Saturday, June 28, 2014

Makeshift Mermaid Barbie

I wasn't keen on letting Liv take her only Princess Barbies to the ocean with us where I was pretty sure they be lost at sea or buried in a sandstorm. But she REALLY wanted to take them swimming. (I know, I know I should let her face natural consequences but I also don't want to face MY natural consequences of consoling my 4 year old when she's depressed all week at the beach because Belle drowned). So we met halfway. I allowed her to pick out a Barbie at the thrift store for 99 cents. Then we came home and I whipped up a mermaid suit in about 10 minutes with scrap fabric.
Her name is Rosa...of course. I'll keep you updated if she makes the journey home or if she's lost at sea within 2 seconds upon shore entry. 
(Sorry for the topless photo but I had to do a before and after. And really, I think by now we've ALL seen Barbies boobs.)


kmom said...

I'm anxious to learn of Rosa's adventures.

Michelle said...

Maddie left "Tangled" outside for 2 weeks while we were in Edmond so to keep her from freaking out I told her we'd just buy a new one....then we went to Walmart to get it and they were out, but they had the Ice Queen Elsa so she was happy, but I still owe her a tangled...

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