Saturday, June 14, 2014

Newsletter: 57 Months

Dear Olivia,
This newsletter is a bit late and I feel most posts this summer will be late as I keep looking at our calendar and thinking this summer is going to fly by so fast! We have lots of fun trips planned but it's going to make time go too fast I think! I mean we are already half way through June!
This month you graduated from your dayschool. It was a cute ceremony with my favorite parts being when you sang your High Hopes duet with Carter and when you announced that you wanted to be a princess when you grew up. You haven't seemed to miss school that much, but why would you when you just get to play with Noah longer on Tuesday and Thursdays now while I'm at work! And now that his pool is open you two are outdoors so much and already have your ridiculous dark tans.
You are lucky in that you got to see so much family this month. First Grammy and Poppa came and you were devastated when they left. Then Randy and Joyce came and you were sad when they left, but we were headed to Oregon that same day so you were distracted by even MORE family to play with. I always love seeing the joy in your heart to play with your cousins. You have such a good time with them and of course with grandma who you are still having a hard time being away from. Soo many tears! I'm glad you love her and miss her, but you gotta calm down at bed time kid! I asked what your favorite part about our Oregon trip was and you said playing with your cousins and watching MASH with grandpa. I have a feeling he'd be proud about that one!
In the Way Way Back
The number of animals you request to sleep with at night is starting to outgrow your bed. Then in the morning you come up with elaborate stories about what happened in the night with them. Sometimes red bear has nightmares and screams all night, then gorilla and him get into a fight, but Cheetah and Cheetah's mom are also mixed up in the drama. I can never keep it straight but it's always entertaining!
While Grammy and Poppa were here they took you to see the Muppet Movie. I was a little jealous as I had been wanting to see it with you but you were pretty scared and Grammy thought you might not make it through the whole thing. You did....but you had a hard time in the dark and going upstairs by yourself for a few days afterward. Who knew doppelganger kermits with weird accents in dark prisons were so traumatizing! Now I need to see it just to know why you are scared of it!

I was ready to take a break from chapter books at night for awhile as you were clearly having a hard time sitting still for some of them recently, but you saw Little House in the Big Woods on my shelf and begged to read it at night time so we have been enjoying the porch swing while we read at night and you usually are pretty captivated by the story and are learning lots of new what a corset is!
You are riding your bike so well this month. You are getting better at stopping at intersections and stop signs in our neighborhood, but you and daddy had a fumble one evening and ever since then you get really nervous about going down hills on your bike. You brake to a complete stop about every 5 feet while going down one. But other than that you still love to bike to Noah's house while I walk or jog close by. I'm hoping your father will choose a bike (his father's day gift) so you two can be riding buddies....and maybe I'll get brave one day and ride with you but I will probably let that be a father/daughter activity.
Your arm has regained it's full range of motion and can straighten out. You have gone back to writing and eating with your left hand often but you still switch a lot of times in the middle of coloring or playing. Maybe you will be ambidextrous. I allow you to climb and do everything you did before you broke your arm but I will admit I can be a bit of a nervous wreck sometimes at the playground now. You did surprise me one day at the park last week as you swung by yourself without asking for a push or any help. You kept pumping your legs and got higher and higher. Maybe you've been doing that at school but it was the first time I was with you that you did it all alone and I was so proud!
I know this summer will fly by and my posts may not be as plentiful, but I really want to enjoy every moment with you as I always see school looming in the near future. I don't want for it to be this thing I'm dreading but it kind of is. You will understand when you are a mother I'm might understand it now but I don't want to give you negative feelings about school before it starts so I don't share my anxious thoughts with you out loud...just in newsletters you will read one day when you are older! Anyway I say all this to say that I am excited for the memories we will be making this summer and I know there will be many more to come, but this particular summer especially feels a little bittersweet to me so we shall soak it up the best we can my love!
I love you,

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy we got to spend a wonderful week with you and your parents sweet girl. Happy 57th. Wow, you're catching up with me. I'll be on 58 in August. Grandpa is ecstatic that you love Mash too. You have excellent taste. Much love, Grandma

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