Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spending a week in Oregon with these people was just heavenly....
Dealing with the vacation detox this week will be brutal, but I'll be posting pics of all the fun so maybe that will help! 
Status Day 1: Liv cried and whined for grandma until we landed in Denver, she fell asleep as we were landing, woke up and hour later semi happy, then cried as we landed in Oklahoma and is crying herself to sleep now.



I love so many things about this picture...
1. Every person in it.
2. That Nolan is holding on to Grandma and Liv.
3.My dad has a smile on his face!
4. That every member of our family is in it.
Great pic!
Grandma's are pretty wonderful people.
Love you guys. Glad you made it home safe.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa got pretty tired of my crying too. (Sorry Ry, but that's just how Moms are). My house is soooo quiet and empty. Fortunately Violet and Hazel are now out of school and will keep me busy. But I sure miss my Idahoans and Oklahomans. Love loads and loads. GmaakaMom

Anonymous said...

It was so great having you all here! I definitely know about the crying when your sweet family leaves you AGAIN. I pray that someday ALL of our families will be together in one place! Love, Aunt Denise

Shawn and Becky said...

Love that pictures. So nice seeing you even if a brief lunch!

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