Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer Calendar

Ok I know it's not officially summer until June 21 BUT school is out and it's after Memorial Day so we can wear white shoes (ha! remember when that was a thing?) and therefore it counts as summer! Last year I did a little list of some things going on in the Metro and have already gotten requests from friends to do another and I've written some on OKCMB about activities coming up but here is a list for me to come back to and you to steal ideas from!

Monday Summer Kids Movie series at really can't beat a summer pass for 50 cents per movie. I think we will be in town for all but one week! We picked Mondays but can always make up another weekday if we are gone on vacation. We love to walk around Bricktown afterward and feed ducks, see the Land Run monument, play on the playground or in that little water area, visit the train station, or get a cupcake from Pinkitzel.

Sunday Twilight Concerts at the Myriad gardens. Eeek! They began last night (not sure why the first two weeks are at Bicentennial Park but that's ok) and I don't know who was more excited, me or Liv! I love live music and I love the outdoors and it's the perfect place to meet up with friends and eat a picnic and let your kids run around and if it's not windy you can bring games. It's just my fav!

Free Fridays in the can read the full article here but I'm sure we'll be hitting up a few of these nights in the Paseo, Film Row, H and 8th, or the Plaza. Always a good time!

Vacations! We have 3 big ones planned this summer: Oregon, Destin, and Tennessee but I'm also hoping we can make some little day trips around the state on the weekends. Suggestions will gladly be taken! I know there will be a lake trip and hopefully one to visit Mount Scott. Where does your family like to go?

VBS.....We will be out of town for our church's but I hope to take Liv to one at another church with Jenna's help since she's watching her while I work 2 days a week this summer. VBS was always a fun summer memory for me growing up.

Sports....Liv has decided Soccer isn't her favorite thing...for the moment (even though she always has a blast when she's actually there) but she does have to finish out the season. I've told her she is welcome to try another sport when soccer is over, and she's set on gymnastics. We'll see how strong that arm has healed I guess! We will probably go to Metro once a week, but I'm not sure which day yet.

Geocaching....duh! Ryan gifted me the Premium package so now I can find even more! And since we've found 50--my personal rule--I now get to figure out how to hide my first one.

Boathouse District summer movies....they are free but since you have to wait until dark they don't start until 8:30 which is a bit late to START a movie with Liv but we might check one or two out!

I think some things go without saying like the zoo, science museum, parks, spraygrounds, and the pool but I will say them anyway....zoo, science museum, parks, spraygrounds, and the pool.

I think that will hit the highlights of our summer fun! What do you have planned for summer?

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