Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Oregon Coast

We purposefully went to Oregon when it was warmer so we could enjoy some of the outdoor activities in better weather than when we usually go in February or March. We were able to spend most of our first day at the beach in Lincoln city.
But our first stop was for some pizza at Gallucci's. (There's a geocache here too....I think you might see a theme this trip!)
Siblings! Carrie, Laura, and Ryan
Cousins! George, Nolan, Hazel, Violet, Alice, Liv
It was still pretty windy and chilly but the kids were brave enough to play in the freezing water and then warm up by burying each other in the warm sand.
Beachcombers. I found two pieces of beautiful sea glass!
These seaweed covered rocks look like a sleeping hairy monster
Thanks to the help of a homeless kite whisperer, these dads had fun wrestling this rainbow kite
My sweet baby first nephew is basically a man now
The wind was bothering my ears so I swapped Mona for a hoodie. I think I wear her inside-out-boycott-Pepsi sweatshirt every time I come to Oregon!
And when hoodies don't work there are other methods.....
Alice slept through half the day, but I bet she was warm!

Oregon Coast in the past

Status Update, Day 3: I can't hear myself type over the crying. It's getting ridiculous.
Status Update Day 4: Cancelled our evening plans to try an earlier bedtime. Still cried and wailed, "It's VERY TRUE....I Will NEVER go to sleep!" Tried bribery if she calmed down we could skype with grandma.


The Moores said...

Olivia-you'd better simmer down or your parents are never going to let you come to Oregon again!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they'll just move out here and I'll help put her to sleep every night for them. I hope your package comes today. Tell my sweet girl that Grandma misses her too.

Shawn and Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn and Becky said...

Oh Liv . . . grandma's are special people. It's hard to leave them, but really we want you to come back so don't make your mom regret it. And umm I just read your engageiversary post (so sweet) but then read Mona's engagement story . . . wow! That is amazing! I've never heard that story, but it doesn't surprise me - they are so special!

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