Monday, June 16, 2014

The Oregon Mountains

Ryan and I snuck away for a belated anniversary trip to ourselves. We stayed the night in an adorable cabin near Mount Hood. We got to geocache, hike, hot-tub by the river, read, and relax. Then the next day we did the tourist excursion along the Columbia River Gorge that we did about 10 years ago on my first visit to the great northwest. We saw the Timberline Lodge, Multnomah Falls, the scenic highway, a bunch of smaller water falls, crown point, and then stopped in Hood River for a late lunch. It was a great little mini vacation within a vacation and when we returned I showed Liv all the pictures. She sighed and said "Awwww I should've gone with you guys." I decided not to tell her that she wasn't really invited in the first place. But one day we will take her to see all those gorgeous places! For real guys....I felt like I was living in an Oregon tourism calendar this day. Too much beauty!
Anyway to prove I didn't just steal those images off of Google, there are actually some below with Ryan and I in them! Here are the views from our little cabin in the woods.
I got a lot of reading done but that Gone with the Wind is a looong book! Still not finished!
Ryan jumped from the hot tub into the you see him?
The big cabin nearby where I think we should plan a big family vacation!
Geocaching the woods.
Our views at Timberline Lodge....redrum! redrum!
An old school house we found along our drive that I loved.
Multnomah Falls. There were a few geocaches here too.
And some at Crown Point
It's fun to drive up mount hood because you are on these windy roads and the summit will be out your left window, then all of a sudden it's out your right, then in front. I told Ryan it reminded me of the "Andy popping into frame" skit from SNL.


The Moores said...

Wow, those are some great pictures! So much beauty. We should totally look in to renting that house for a family vacations. Glad you guys had fun and were able to take advantage of grandma's overnight babysitting services. Love you grandma!

kmom said...

Great scenery! So glad you two could get away by yourselves.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place I live in. Funny how we start taking it for granted until we see it fresh through somebody else's eyes. A family vacation at the cabin sounds WONDERFUL. We gotta plan that. We'll have your Tennessee family come out too and hide away at a cabin in the woods for a few days. That looks like the school at the little community of Mt. Hood which is close to Toll Bridge Park. I have fond memories of TNTs there when I was a teen. Come back SOON. Love MomakaGma

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