Monday, June 02, 2014

YouTube for Kids

I think I've mentioned before that Liv became a huge fan of these videos on YouTube of people playing with toys after a stay with Mia (I'm still not sure if Mia knew about them or they found them together) and after she broke her arm and they were a life saver in the ER! I had to limit the watching of them so every morning when she wakes up she comes in my room and we watch one together...on the weekends we go crazy and watch 2. Through these videos I'm getting introduced to all sorts of other "toy channels" and have heard other parents talking about their kids obsessions with DisneyCarToys channel or the lady who unwraps chocolate eggs to see what toys are inside (yet NEVER tells us where to buy them in America!)

Anyway I wanted to post a few of Liv's favorites (for time vault memory purposes) and ask if your kids have a favorite? (Because I get tired of the same ones over and over) I know my kid isn't the only one watching! These videos have millions of hits!

This is my least favorite series that she loves....but she does do a really good impression of the lady's voice when she's playing "Disney Collector" by herself now!
I will say we have learned of new ways to play with our playdoh since seeing all these fashion videos of how to make dresses for your dolls. Playdoh has now become one of Liv's favorite pastimes because of I guess their marketing is working! Although we haven't bought any of those cool sets, just used regular playdoh and her magic clip dolls.
Call me crazy but I actually think this girls' videos from DisneyCarToys are kinda funny sometimes. This is a recent one we've seen where an unexpected twist of beauty parlor gone wrong happens at a Princess slumber party....Liv cracks up every time.
I was thrilled when we came across Nerdy Nummies channel one day thanks to the Frozen doll cakes she made. Liv enjoys her and I do too. She makes all sorts of fun treats that go along with popular cartoons or games. Now the list is growing for ridiculously unique foods Liv wants at her next bday but we'll see if any actually get made!
After we had seen this video about 2 days later we were riding in the car and Liv says "What a sistamo?" I couldn't figure out where in the world she had heard it but we finally got in narrowed down to the video above where she is introducing her sister "sister Mo" was heard as "sistamo" and I guess Liv had been playing that word in her head for 2 days!

Anyway if your kid is every screaming in an emergency room maybe these videos will come in handy or give you an idea of how to bring new life to your kids toys with them. Just wanted to share and get feedback on what your favorites are?
Caution: always be near when your kid is watching YouTube videos....smut will always be on the internet no matter what filters you have or words you type into the search engine!

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kmom said...

I'm glad you limit the watching of these. The Barbie sleepover was the only one I watched to the end. I think they could almost put one to sleep. I can see they would be good in an emergency room.

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