Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Angry House

Our house is currently angry at us and we all know that anger is a secondary emotion that is really just covering up another feeling. That feeling I think is loneliness. We have been gone a lot and she is getting lonely....but instead of talking about her feelings with us, she is seeking revenge. The revenge right now is currently in the form of an electrical issue that will not allow us to use our A/C. Therefore we are having to leave her again to live with friends until it is fixed thus inciting probably MORE anger so I'm worried what will happen next if she can't just open up and talk to us....things could get uglier! The weather will be turning quite a bit cooler tomorrow though so maybe we can spend some quality time with her and help her feel loved once more.

Electricians are coming today....stay tuned.......


kmom said...

Hope and pray it is a quick, inexpensive fix!

Anonymous said...

You poor kids. Maybe get the house a new coat of paint or something so you make it feel special. I too hope its a quick fix. Love and miss you guys. MomakaGma

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