Thursday, July 17, 2014

Child Labor

After our husbands worked so hard the night before to fix a fuse box and a disposal.....
.....Jenna and I got a wild hair to demo the tile on the fireplace to see what was underneath. It has been on the "long term to do list" but we seized the day! Once I started chiseling away, Olivia immediately got her toy hammer and occasionally tried the real heavy one, and helped me. 
Then the Tom Sawyer effect kicked in and before I knew it Liv and Noah literally demo'd the entire base by themselves (with a little guidance from me). 
Jenna and I tackled the surround as it was a bit harder. 
There's still mortar and all the black on the inside is covering up original tile too but I'm pretty proud of us!


Anonymous said...

What busy little beavers. Good job guys. Can't wait to see it "live" in the fall. Love ya, MomakaGma

kmom said...

Glad that gray stuff came off the fireplace wall surround. It looks good!

Anonymous said...

The fireplace looks great! Not sure why they would cover it up at all. You guys did a great job - April

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