Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day Trip to Sulphur

On Monday Jenna and I got to go on a little day trip for the OKC Mom's Blog. (To see my most recent post on the blog, click here, and then leave a comment because I really was asking for advice!) For our trip we headed an hour south of OKC to the little town of Sulphur. 
First stop was the Bedre' Chocolate Factory.
Oh yes there were free samples! It really is some of the most delicious chocolate you will ever try!
Then we got to tour the new Artesian Hotel and Spa. 
Yes my daughter managed to get in the hot water with all her clothes on.
Then we went to Bedre' Cafe for lunch
Then we toured the amazing Chickasaw Cultural Center. It's a whole beautiful campus that you can tour for free! The museum does cost money but not much. There is lots to see and do and they are always hosting events and activities. We might have to check some out.
They also have a library that I think might come in handy one day if we ever want to research Ryan and Olivia's background. They have information about all of the 5 civilized tribes there for genealogical research.
They also have a huge state park there that we drove through a bit and spotted two deer! 
Sadly at the Bison preservation we did not see any Bison but maybe next time!

Be checking the OKCMB for the rest of the pics soon!

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kmom said...

I think I would enjoy that trip, but I can skip the hotel and spa part.

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