Friday, July 11, 2014

Destin: 4th of July

The night before Independence Day we found a website that said there was a kids bike parade at the sporting we got all decked out in red, white, and blue. The kids decorated their scooters that we had brought and we drove over there.
The website lied. It was empty. The kids were a little disappointed but they had their own parade back at the resort so it was all good!

On the real 4th of July we went to another new beach. We were warned at the gate that some people had complained of algae....we should have heeded the warning. It was pretty disgusting. And smelled. But once you walked (hauling all your beach gear) about half a mile down it wasn't so bad! We just got spoiled on that clear water and forgot there could be plants and other matter in the ocean!!
Once you walked about 15 feet out it was clear again as you can see!
The kids finally got to fly their kite!
That night we grilled out and tried to eat all the leftovers. It was a bit of a smorgasboard! Lulu got the kids these glow in the dark toys. They loved em!
Then we made smores and let the kids get gooey.
We took some group photos for our last night in Destin. It was a beautiful sunset.
We did sparklers and then watch all sorts of fireworks all over the city from the pier.
Liv said "take a picture of me and daddy on this night so I can remember it forever." So sweet.

The next morning we met the Garcias again to have a farewell brunch at Tijuana Flats.
These two goobers rode in our car and I thought they'd play together but no...they slept for like 4 hours! We drove halfway and stayed in Shreveport with some of Jenna's friends, then headed out after breakfast the next morning for the journey home.
Maybe they slept so well because when they were swimming in the ocean they were doing this in the hotel room. Oh yes there were head injuries.
We had such a wonderful time. Perfect weather, beautiful beaches, fun friends, couldn't ask for more! 
I'll end with a funny story of our trip home. Jenna and I were geocaching at a truck stop. We found a black box outside and despite not matching the description, I figured it must be it. We tired to pry it open. It would not open. We shook it and something was inside so we kept trying to figure out how to open it. All of a sudden I turned around and saw another box like it. Then I read the label "Tamper proof. Rodent Bait" EW!!!! We dropped it immediately. After we stopped laughing we found the real cache :)


kmom said...

Glad you have recorded so many wonderful memories.

kmom said...

I like Noah's words: "I'm a brother and you're a sister." How sweet!

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