Thursday, July 10, 2014

Destin: Never Far From Henderson

The next day we ventured to Henderson State Park Beach where you did have to pay a little bit but the trade off was worth it to have more beach front with less crowd! I liked to pretend we had the whole place to ourselves because I'm seflish with my beach like that.

Oh yes there was more burying
Ryan's sand throne
Rosa enjoyed the waves and her top mostly stayed on!
The boys set off on their own to find a optimal snorkeling spot while the girls plus Noah went shopping....and got attacked by a shark. 
Then we met up for dinner at the Back Porch. Such a lovely view!
We also made time for a little geocaching.
The next morning I just so happened to be awake before my family so I walked down to the shore to get a little reading in
Then we were adventurous and went paddleboarding. Jenna had been on the Oklahoma River and said it was easy...maybe ocean paddleboarding is a little different. It is much easier with just one person on board...less balancing work. We took turns and had lots of laughs and falls!
Then we headed to the beach the guys had snorkeled at the day before. It was full of people and snorkel tour boats but it was the prettiest by far because it was in a cove. I did try to snorkel for 2 seconds but I did not like the face claustrophobia. Ryan and Sean saw some cool things though.
Love this water!
Floatin' with my sweetie!
 Up next: our fourth of July fun!


KTsDad said...

didn't realize you read Hebrew :-)

kmom said...

Those water tubes look like so much fun to use surfing.

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