Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Destin: Toes in the Sand

The next morning the group headed to breakfast while Ryan and I made a quick trip to urgent care...because what would a vacation be without a trip to the doctor?! Apparently I should have paid closer attention to the ear annoyance I had before we left town. My ear was completely blocked and getting infected, but once they cleaned it out, I could hear and also stand straight without being dizzy! So off to try out another beach! 
The Vasquez's had some friends who were also in Destin at this time so we met up with them and their kids. 
They loved to play in this raft and were in it most of the morning! 
 Ryan and Sean found a new sport to enjoy: snorkeling
I enjoyed my favorite beach sport: getting buried in the sand
 Liv and Mermaid Rosa made lots of splashes in the waves
Can you tell whose toes are whose?

Playing with my girl in the water!
Family nap time 
 After a family nap we headed to Baytowne Wharf again for dinner and games on the lawn. 
I really do recommend going here because it's awesome...and free, so even if you can't afford to stay at the resort, you can visit it and all the amenities for free. They have different stuff going on every night.
We all agreed Lexton looked a bit like a vampire when he slept in his stroller. 
There were fireworks that evening and we stayed late enough to enjoy them.
Then we headed back to play board games while the kids watched/slept to Disney tween TV (boy am I glad we don't have cable!)


kmom said...

Sorry about your ear. Glad you got it fixed. Good to see Noah without his fake smile. Great there were so many fun things for everyone to do.

Shawn and Becky said...

Love the beach. Looks like a awesome place.

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