Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Destin: You know what to do with that big fat boat!

Getting to Destin took us 2 days but we did manage to get a geocache in 4 new states! Liv did well in the car for the most part. She refused all the toys and games and books and just wanted to nap until I allowed her to play with the ipad (note to self: never packing toys and books and games again) And then her nausea kicked in every now and then. She never threw up but she sure felt like she was going to and made me pull over a few times! 
We arrived at our hotel in MS quite late. She was not amused at the cot she got to sleep on.
But the next morning the continental breakfast cheered her up and we met the Vasquez's at the recreation base we stayed at all week. I highly recommend it if you are in the armed forces! The kids played in the pool and on the sprayground until it was time for dinner. 
We headed to Harbor Village for some mexican food.
 A band from Nashville was playing and the kids liked to cut a rug. The first song they played was Rocky Top so I knew it would be a good vacation!
We couldn't wait until the next day to dig our toes in the sand so we headed to the beach for a brief time and let the kids test out their new floaty. 
Noah named the head Brightly and Liv named the tail....wait for it....Rosa. Of course.
The next day was Sean's bday and we rented a pontoon from the facility for a few hours. Sean got his boating license online right before we left...so we felt pretty safe.
Here's the only group shot we got...oops!
The water was sooo pretty.

We headed toward Crab Island which is a sand bar near the bridge that's very shallow. The kids played on the inflatable slide for a minute and then just played in the water. They got ice cream from a little boat that I thought was adorable. 

And the reason it's called crab island? There's a cajillion hermit crabs easily in reach. I accidentally told Liv about my childhood pet Sebastian....to which she asked where is he now?....open mouth,insert foot, another dead pet of mine for her to mourn.
Then we just cruised around occasionally stopping to enjoy the views, play, or catch floaties when they blew off! We even saw stingrays from the boat...but no dolphins.

I hope we always celebrate Sean's birthday like this!
In the evening we grilled out for Sean's bday. These two buddies are too cute.

Then we went to Baytowne Wharf over in SanDestin to see the Skysurfer. The what? The skysurfer. Just watch. So crazy.

He did all sorts of tricks and flips. So crazy.

We walked about a bit and decided we needed to dress nicer next time we came....SanDestin ain't for the poor people! I think most people there were J. Crew models.
Anyway stay tuned for more beach fun....and watch as our skin color gets darker and darker with each post :)
(I promise we wore lots of sunscreen mom and reapplied!)

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kmom said...

The water and beach look so pretty and inviting. Next time she might want the books, toys, and games. She seems to feel nauseous the most with the Ipad. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

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