Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fast and Furious in Branson

Technically it's not Branson, we didn't even go to Branson, but we still call it that. We took a fast and furious weekend trip to see some of Ryan's family in Kimberling City. The weather was beautiful and the lake was about as clear as the water in Destin so we spent most of Saturday enjoying the water.
See how clear that lake water is! You can't even tell where it begins!
 We got all dolled up for a family picture...or for church.
These two are pretty good travelers!
We wish we could've stayed longer....especially Olivia as she wailed for about an hour in the car of how life would "never, ever, EVER be fun again now that I have to sleep alone in my room and it's not FAIR and why do mommies and daddies get to sleep in a room together but I'm all by myself?!" I told her that that is what mommies and daddies do and one day when she is married she will get to share a room with her husband to which she replied "No you will just have to make more room in your bed for 3 because I'm always gonna live with you." Ha! We'll see what her future hubby says about that.

She stopped crying long enough to help log a Branson geocache. Right when Ryan snapped this photo she reached in to pick a toy and put her MOUTH on it. Blech! Geo-germs!
(Update: Yes we have AC now...although we don't need it with the high of 70 degrees today! In July! Crazy but awesome! Ryan fixed the issue himself with some guidance from a very helpful electrician.)


Erin Condict said...

Tarren's grandparents used to live in a house on the lake in Kimberling City!

kmom said...

God answers prayers. What a kind, helpful electrician.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for coming up.I enjoyed it immensely. I miss my kiddos. See you in November, Lord willing. Love ya, GmaakaMom

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