Saturday, July 12, 2014

Newsletter: 58 Months

Dear Olivia,
Lately you and I have some pretty great conversations. You have lots of questions about when I was a little girl: What I did, What I played, What my family was like. One of your favorite things to ask me is about me losing my baby teeth. I told you about losing one in the driveway one time and never finding it and you like me to retell that story to you. I think because I told you I kept my baby teeth and that's the only one I'm missing. You are very anxious to see this jar of baby teeth when we go to TN. I honestly think it's kind of weird that I kept them, so I'm hoping you forget because I don't want to freak you out!
Our summer trips have been pretty epic. Yes they mess up our routine and we've been sleeping less and eating junk but we've seen beautiful places and made some great family memories. You cry when we leave the house because you say you will miss Charlie. Then you have so much fun at our destination you cry when we are going to leave to come home. We still have two more places to travel to and then I look forward to getting in a routine and actually enjoying some things around OKC before school starts!
You've said some pretty hilarious things this month.
"Mom why don't adults ever scribble scrabble when they color?" I tried to tell you about Jackson Pollock but it was a little abstract for you.

"I'm making a's like marshmallows when you roast beef them" (new before and after for wheel of fortune?)

You saw a birthmark on your leg for the first time that is in a similar location to a mark on my leg and you said "Oh no! Am I turning into a mommy?"
I mentioned going on a field trip soon to a place that makes chocolate and you got a horrible look on your face. I asked what was wrong you said, "I don't want to go. I don't want to see that scary man and I don't want to turn into a blueberry." Ha! I forgot you'd seen a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on TV at the lakehouse. I knew nothing good could come of that!

In the shower the other day you asked "When am I going to get long boobs like you?" (ouch! come on kid, worst adjective ever to describe them!)
Speaking of making chocolate, my favorite story from our beach trip is when we went to the candy store to buy some saltwater taffy. It was a big store with lots to see so while I was buying our taffy at the register I saw a lady making candy behind the counter at the other end of the room. I told you and Noah to go watch her make candy. A minute later Jenna told me to look up and you and Noah were politely standing THISCLOSE to a lady who was filling her bag with jellybellies. You both were intently staring up at her and really studying her. She was so confused. You obviously misunderstood which lady I was talking about but I couldn't stop laughing, and the poor lady getting jelly beans was so baffled why you two 4 year olds were so interested in her. We let you guys keep creeping her out for a minute before we called you back to us.
You've totally given up all your cute pajamas for the most part and only want to wear one of daddy's big shirts to bed. You say it keeps your legs warm at night. You try and get me to wear a matching shirt if I have one. You love to read bedtime books on the porch swing if the mosquitos aren't biting too bad. You've had lots of questions about The Borrowers that we've been reading lately. I know you still have a hard time distinguishing between fact and fiction so I hope you think they aren't real, but maybe that contributes to your night time worries or refusing to be upstairs or downstairs by yourself.
I'm not sure where you learned it, but you are loving the bubblegum hand game this month. You know, "Bubblegum bubblegum in a dish, how many pieces do you wish..." You mix up the words a lot and never count the fists right but it's funny how it jogged my memory when I heard you saying it. Then I remembered a bunch of other hand games my sister and I used to play when we were little girls. I'll try to teach you more when you get Bubblegum down pat!
You seem to be extra dramatic this month and it might have something to do with us being out of routine with all the fun trips we've been taking. You are throwing fits more easily and like to use extreme words like "Never" and "always" and "unfair" while you rant your tirade when you don't get your way. Bedtimes have been especially rough, but I'm hopeful one day you will return to sleeping through the night in your own bed without crying out about how lonely you are. It really does break my heart and we try to be patient and talk with you about it. You come in our room in the middle of the night most nights lately, sometimes you are crying but many times you just pop in at 3 am and say "When are we going to Disney World?" or "When am I gonna be 5?"
Next month is when you start school. Next month. I always thought I would end these monthly newsletters about the time you started going to school. Other bloggers often stop writing about their kids when they enter school for various reasons and I can understand why. I'm still uncertain as to what I will do. I want to hold these memories dear for you and for our family, but you are getting older and I never want this to be a source of embarrassment. I'm sure once you learn to read you will be quick to let me know what I need to take off the internet! Whether my letters are still every month or quarterly or yearly, know that I wrote every one with a smile on my face as I recounted our memories of the month together. Some months were full of joy and some months were harder than others, but that's life! And it's always good to sit back and reflect on where we've been and how far we've come. I love you precious girl and my life is sweeter for having you in it!


kmom said...

Thank you for the newsletter. I especially like the last sentence. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Sweet Olivia is such a treasure. I love that girl. GrandmaakaMom

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