Thursday, August 07, 2014

Back to School Photoshoot

Cute enough for a catalog!
Oh man. I had too much fun with Liv and Noah on this post. You can check out the OKCMB to read about the giveaway, or the great line of kids uniforms, French Toast. Or you can just look at these two kiddos all decked out in the uniforms and ready for school in approximately 13 days!! Ahhhh!!
I used to think uniforms would be so boring but they are pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

Their uniforms are so cute! These two are going to be voted most stylish. :)
I have tried clothing as this in the past with no luck. Jackson seems to get strict with each passing year at my kids schools. What was fine last year is not this year. -April B

AM said...

that dress is super cute!!! Love it!

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