Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bathroom Renovation

Check one thing off our list. It's a long list but one check feels pretty good! Our tiny full bathroom is mostly tile without much wall space, but Ryan painted it while we were in TN. He also replaced the ugly cabinet above the toilet with a pretty new white one. Sorry it's hard to take pics in a tiny space but these are the ones I got!

(Hard to see much difference but all the woodwork has been painted, walls were tan and now blue. Can't see the cabinet or the dingy tub)
Wall color: Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams
Cabinet: Lowe's
 And best of all......we got the tub refinished yesterday. It is glorious!!! Old cast iron tubs that have been scrubbed for 60 years with steel wool and comet are just impossible to look and feel clean. The above before shot was the best we could clean it and it was embarassing.

 And see the overflow....everytime we left town and turned the air down, the house would get warm and that brown stuff would spread and start growing. No amount of scrubbing could get it to vanish but it would fade when the temps were lower again. So gross.
  The bathtub magic man came yesterday, spent about 4 hours spraying toxic fumes all over the tub (we left the house), we couldn't touch it for 24 hours, but it is beautiful!! I might actually bathe in it now! I wish we would've done this to the tub in our old house! Anyway check out his website, he's redone tubs for a few friends of ours but can also do tile and other things. I love my tiny bathroom now!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! MomakaGma

Kmom said...

Great looking tub! I like the wall color too. It is very calming.

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