Monday, August 04, 2014

Mary Kate's Wedding

The main reason for the trip to TN was to see my cousin Mary Kate get hitched to her beau Chris. 
I stole this gorgeous photo from her photographer
And this grainy one of the lovebirds is all mine
I rarely get to see my mom's side of the family anymore and although it was a short visit to Nashville, we had a good time. Here is my family table from the rehearsal dinner. Liv played with some fish coasters the ENTIRE evening. 
The next day we killed a little time before the family photo at the local library. The kids area was aaaamazing.
Then we got dolled up for a family photo. I got some 10 year old to take it so that's why it looks like this!
Then we bided our time in the church nursery playing with cousins!
Elijah, Liv, and Mary Belle
Me and in crime!
I snuck in some photos of my own while the pro did her job. These are the two ladies who handed down the gorgeous dress to Mary Kate! I loved it!
And we took some 4 generations photos while we were all together and all dolled up!
The ceremony was beautiful.
Mary Belle was bored though and slept through the whole thing.
At the reception we got a great girl cousin photo....we missed you Mariel!
Isma and Mary Belle bonded
Then we drove back to Henderson and Liv slept in this position for 2 hours! I know, I know, you carseat enthusiasts are cringing.
It wasn't long enough but I'm thankful for the time we got and wish Mary Kate and Chris the best as they begin their lives together!!

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Anonymous said...

Were some of those bridesmaids barefoot? Beautiful wedding! MomakaGMa

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