Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meeting Elsa

Technically Liv met her at a birthday party awhile back but she got to meet her again last week at an OKCMB playdate. We checked out Aloha snow cones in Bethany (delicious!) and had some fun before Elsa arrived singing "Let It Go" through the parking lot. It was pretty magical. The kids all joined in her song as they waved their arms and built their imaginary ice palaces. Then she read stories to them. Liv got her picture taken with her AND got her autograph in her special Frozen book. Now she's just dying to get Anna and Sven to sign it too. That's right...Sven...the reindeer. I'm not sure how he autographs things but maybe his hooves are more finely tuned than I thought.
Playing with playdoh

Pin the nose on Olaf
All the kids belting it out....pretty adorable!
It was a very dramatic reading

Notice Liv trying to read her own version in the crowd.
Liv sharing every single page of her book with Elsa
On the way there I asked if she wanted Elsa's autograph. She said Yes!!!! Then 10 min later said Mom what IS an autograph?
I do not know what is happening here but neither does Haylie in the background
Don't worry Elsa, I don't understand half of what she's talking about either!
 Always check out the OKCMB website or facebook page for more fun playdates in the upcoming future!


Anonymous said...

My granddaughter is SOOO adorable. I love that girl. MomakaGma

kmom said...

After all this, does Olivia still want a Frozen themed birthday party or now just a bubblegum party?

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