Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Muh Friendzzz

It's rare that Erin and I are both in Henderson at the same time, but our worlds collided this month and we both rejoiced in a little bit of time together at the pool. She recently eloped and was in town for a shower and reception, both of which I missed because I was in Nashville, but I'm thankful for our poolside chat and I will always take whatever time I can get with this lady!
I was so excited to see Celeste because 1. I never get to see her and 2. her house renovation was finally completed and she basically is living inside of an interior design magazine now. AMAZING! Just look at this planter table her husband built?!
Straight out of Southern Living magazine right? 
Liv had fun with Madelynn in the yard and I had fun chatting on the porch with this view ahead of me while our girls chased lightning bugs.
And no trip to TN would be complete without a drive out to the country to visit Jessica and Aidan. He and Liv came up with all sorts of imaginative play scenarios. Pirates, cowboys, sleeping beauty, and the occasional trip to the trampoline to get more energy out. It's nice they play so well together so Jessica and I can catch up on each other's lives!
Our visits are months, sometimes years apart but I love catching up and spending what time I can with my childhood friends!

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