Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Memories with Friends!

Although we have been traveling fools this summer and we barely did any of the fun stuff I usually like to do in OKC....because we just weren't here....we have managed to have some fun play dates with friends in the brief moments we were home! Here are some from the past few weeks!

Liv and I made it for about half of the summer movies at Harkins Theaters. Elle joined us one Monday and we toured Bricktown on foot and fed the ducks. 
Then we came home and made cookies. 
They played so well together I barely saw them except when they needed me to zip a costume or reach something too high!

We met Keely and her sisters at the spray ground last week and I've decided the best time to go is after most schools have started....we had the whole place to ourselves most of the morning!
These girls will be at the same school next week but not the same grade. They are getting so tall it's hard to remember when they were drooling and toddling all over the play room!

I may not have as many pictures of Noah and Liv at the pool as I have in years past but it's mostly because I've been working part time this summer. So Liv is over there lots, but I'm not always with her! Jenna has also been keeping her cousin's daughter, Lauren. So Liv and Noah have become quite good child care providers. They even gave her bottle in the gym childcare one day when she was crying!
Lauren really reminds me of Liv as a baby with her big beautiful eyes, her crazy long hair, and her perfect caterpillar swaddle!

The baby love can continue at church functions too as Liv can't get enough of holding Baby Reese.

She also had kids her own age to play with at our Sunday night small group!

The fake smile is so painful sometimes but it makes me laugh!

She's been begging to have Ms Jeri over ALL summer but we just haven't been home much to invite others over. We finally got our chance the other night and had a dinner party. Liv actually finished her meal in a reasonable time for once because she knew a tea party with Jeri was bound to happen upstairs in her room!

I love their friendship that has no age limit!

Liv haggled at a garage sale to buy these used princess party decorations with her own money. You'll be seeing them again in a few weeks at a 5 year old party! (I'll probably get some new plates though!)


Kmom said...

Now I know that baby is real. 'The baby looks like she will fall off of Liv's lap.

Ryan and Katie said...

Looks can be deceiving. She was safe.

Leslie said...

UGH. I'm sooo behind on your blog, but just caught the last few posts and am so happy to see that you're still writing a ton. YAY!!!

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